Bombay Jayashri and T.M.Krishna in concert


Name: A N Sridhar

I have not listened to such a wonderful concert in my life time. Amazing experiencing. No words can explain it; One should see it.

Name: Divya Venkateswaran

A brilliant presentation of a novel idea! From every department of a film, like sound, cinematography and direction, to every aspect of a concert like, the calibre of the performers and the repertoire of songs chosen, this movie scores a 10. Indeed, something for all Karnatic music connoisseurs to cherish! This has opened up a gamut of possibilities that can actually take the traditional 'kutcheri' to a different level.

One thing that could have been added was, a rendition or a pre-recorded piece of music while the credits were being screened.

Name: B. N. Nagaraj

Absolutely marvellous, Jagadharana by TM Krishna was outstanding. R.K. Shriramkumars violin performance was superb. Adding Ghatam would have been even better

Name: Roopa Raghav

I had been to the concert today evening (May 31st) in San Jose CA. It was just awesome. TM Krishna and Jayashree have done a terrific job. The audio quality, lighting was superb, On whole it was a different experience. The music still lingering in my ears. Great work....please do continue to do many more like these.

Name: Suryanarayanan

I had the privilege of attending the Doha Premiere last night & it was a scintillating experience.

Very innovative concept & well accomplished.

The contrasting styles of the exuberant TMK & serence BJ provided an interesting blend overall & more so in the fitting finale.

I fully endorse Viyayanthi's views regarding the missing divinity in the settings. Let the musicians not pander to the secularists & atheists or commoditise Carnatic music, in order to take it to the multi-national, multi-cultural & multi-religious audience. Bhakti Bina Sangeet Nahin.

I'd also suggest that they add subtitles about the meaning of the verses being sung. An outline about the composer, ragam, the deity/kshetram on which the song is based, at least as a marquee would be useful.

Name: Venkat Ramamurthy

Indeed it was an absolute delight. The pair was awesome and both the solo and dual performances were soulful and captivating.

Frm a movie perspective, TM Krishna was expressive and suited better. I love listening to Bombay Jayashri too.

Lighting, stage and the music was soothing.

Well done

Name: Sumi Krishnan

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Name: Narasimhan Chakravarthy

Kudos to the creators and the artists. Like all the others in the Cinema, I was spellbound. Never ever have we spent 110 minutes in such blizz

Name: Selva Saravanan

i saw de movie and being a carnatic music rasika for many years i liked de movie....mark u only liked not loved....i personally felt de song selection could've been better and that more tamil kirtanais could ve been used......Of course the Vande Mataram was very moving and TM Krishna did a great job and was able to move all of us with his great voice Jayshree ji was very subtle and for an artist of her cadre she could ve chosen some more soul stirring songs.......the camera work and editting has to be appreciated along with the art direction......any more novel attempts like this should have a uch better song selection as songs are the HERO of this film.....


I fist thought it would be gimmicks. Then at last I went to Sathyam cinemas and viewed this audio visual presentation. It is true that the concert is not in a conventional format. For the first 15 minutes I was wondering whether the visual format is disturbing the music. But once I was attuned to the visuals it was a thrilling experience. Jayashree sang in her usual talented form with fine diction. But it was T.M.Krishna's, shall I call it "performance", which takes you to the pinnacle of experience. The seamless change of the ritigowla song after the percussion ensemble performance into Krishna picking up the last line of the song is exhilarating. His Swara rendering is thrilling.
kudos to the singers and all the technicians and the producer

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