Bombay Jayashri and T. M. Krishna in concert.

For the first time ever, Carnatic music moves beyond its boundaries...

There are rare times when a classical art form moves past its well etched boundaries to present itself in a new medium with added sparkle and sheen. For Carnatic music this is that moment; the moment when timeless tradition chooses to don the attire of the times. The Kutcherry or the Carnatic Concert has now embraced the magic of cinema. For the first time ever, classical South Indian Music beckons music lovers across the world from the silver screen - Margazhi Raagam.

Margazhi Raagam - enjoy Carnatic music like never before...

Digital, uncompressed, six track sound comes alive with evocative visuals captured on RED 4k Digital Cinema Camera in Margazhi Raagam. Not only do you hear every little nuance of the music, but the silence between the notes as well. You see every expression of the artistes up close. The picture and sound combine to bring before you Carnatic music like never before. Now, you won’t close your eyes to listen to music - you will open your eyes to a new musical experience!

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